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A Saturday morning planting of Kale, Dill and Mint with Curtis Mayfield

It rained a lot yesterday, there was a real down pour for about 2 hours which really gave the garden a good soaking. This morning I went into the garden to check for weeds and to check up on the growth of the plants and vegetables I have planted this year. The lettuces look simply divine at the moment, wet from the rain and so emerald-green. Radish roots are poking up out of the soil and the salad mixes I have planted in the containers are ready to harvest. Long live these salads and radish roots that are so simple to sow and simple to harvest.


This morning I planted 4 Red Russian Kale plants which I got at a bargain price for 60p from the local farmers market, I also planted in 3 green curled kale, both will look beautiful come the Autumn and will see me right through until the end of Winter next year. I also planted out some herbs, a lime scented mint which will be used for drinks in the summer and maybe the odd Mojito as well as a Dill plant which will be used to enhance fish as an aromatic, a herby omelette and summer soups. Tomorrow the chickens will be cleaned out, I will use the wood chip bedding for mulch and anything left over will enrich the compost heap.



As I walked round my small urban garden I started whistling Curtis Mayfield – Move On Up. I am happy as a pig in shit to be doing these things and bringing food from the garden into the kitchen. It’s the little things with home growing and these little accomplishments keep me from reaching to the entrance of the supermarket, my improved wellbeing of watching the garden grow cannot be accomplished or measured with a trolley or a checkout till no matter how much the supermarkets tell us in their lifestyle friendly adverts. I am not even close to where I want to be with Self and Roots but I am hunting solutions out, finding different routes to grow erm roots.

Last night I met a friend at my local allotment who gave me a tour of his own allotment patch, he handed me the keys to tend to it while he is away on holiday for 2 weeks. There were all manner of things growing in his and his wifes raggedy patch – we were offered in return of a fortnight worth of upkeep the chance to take anything that was available, there are a lot of leeks but we also might get some early strawberries if we are lucky too. Moving on up indeed.