White Ladies go in

image 25/05/2015

For the past two years I’ve planted out runner beans on this bank holiday weekend. This year the White Lady variety have gone into the raised bed which is in a different part of the garden from last year to avoid disease, I’m using the raised bed for fill in crops – things like salads, radishes and now 6 runner beans plants that will climb a garden cane wigwam. I love planting these beans out and hope that the comfrey tea and a dig in of chicken manure into the soil 2 months ago will kick-start a good growth spurt. Summer for me just wouldn’t be Summer without a plate of runners, tomatoes and herbs.


2 thoughts on “White Ladies go in

  1. theforkofdreams

    There’s nothing nicer than runner beans is there? And they are so useful! I hope all goes well with them and I look forward to your updates! 🙂


  2. birminghamtomb Post author

    Thanks, I do love them as they harvest so much that you can be having them on a daily basis ! I like wigwams as well, easy to construct and easy to take down when they are finished with – fits in with making the garden more easier to be developed with the same garden materials !


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