An April evening


This has to be the driest April since I can remember, Spring so far has not felt like a flash in the pan but more a seasonal event which has stayed with us. Today I walked through Oxford city centre to a work meeting, the last of the magnolia flowers were showing from the university gardens and it was truly warm, it was almost t-shirt weather.

With this kind of weather I made a gardeners risk two weeks ago with planting some butterhead lettuce seedlings in the raised bed, my overly eager gardening intuition had worked thankfully, the anticipated frosts had not come which could have killed them. The eight lettuces (good for small spaces too) are starting to grow well. Last weekend I also filled a container with a greek salad mix for the summer months, these salad leaves will be cut and come again and will serve the kitchen with leaves that are full of tastes, textures and colours.

When I eventually did get home tonight I checked the lettuces and gave them a water, in the container the seedlings had germinated in the short time of five days which also indicated to me that the soil has warmed up nicely. Due to this I decided to sow two rows of carrots in the sunniest part of the garden, these rows I hope will have as much luck as my salad leaves.

To be able to come home to Birmingham from a busy and overly packed late train and to have a little potter in the garden was calm inducing. The birds in the wood near to a house were also singing their roosting songs adding to a beautiful evening of quiet peacefulness.


2 thoughts on “An April evening

  1. Wean

    Hi, just popped in to say hello. I’m and ‘ex Brummie’ now living in Shropshire, been here nearl 40 years, have owned and run two smallholdings.
    Good luck with your blog, (wish it was a Blogger blog though) they’re much nicer and easier to manage, and people can leave comments without having to fill in details every time.
    If you want to check my blog its:

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  2. birminghamtomb Post author

    Thanks Wean, I appreciate your comments and I have adjusted the blog so you don’t have to do that. Shropshire is a great place, my parents own a small holding in South Staffordshire so not far from you guys at all.

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