Welcome to my new blog, this blog has been set up as an online diary and ode to my exploration of self-sufficiency, my love of real food, gardening, growing and my learning about all of this. I live in a small mid terrace in South Birmingham with my girlfriend Becky, we moved in to this house 14 months ago and inherited an unused vegetable patch, some ragged fruit trees and a lawn.

Since then we have placed 2 chickens on that lawn, nourished the soil accordingly and last year had our first growing season with some great results. We are aiming towards developing the house and garden which can support our kitchen with delicious food and improve our knowledge to support our ideas of working towards a more sustainable home which is simplified in living and shows respect towards low impact life. Cutting down food miles, reducing wasteful processes and enjoying it along the way can’t be a bad thing.

I hope this blog will give some order to my learning, every journey has a start and I hope this will show as time goes on that its worth doing these things, ideas become solutions and solutions can become positive to the world around us.

That is it for now, my first awkward blog post done, back soon with updates.



3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. kinkyhosegardenproject

    We have embarked on a similar journey, although we are just now starting to establish a toe hold. That said, self-sustaining permaculture like aspects to gardening and living is a great goal. Good luck!


  2. birminghamtomb Post author

    Thanks guys – appreciate the well wishes, my parents follow a permaculture process as much as possible at their home and in their garden but it is challenging, they are not perfect at it. Love the project name !!

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